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designing beautiful and unique MASKS

Working with you to find a design that speaks to who you are as a goaltender, what matters to you, and what you want to show the world.

Trevor has been painting for over thirty years in both physical and digital mediums, but after taking the plunge and finally playing goal himself – in his fourties – for the first time, he knew he needed to expand his artistic endeavours to include his own mask, and others.

Trevor’s artwork has been featured on YouTube and other social media platforms, in print, on podcasts and in several small art shows in the Calgary area.

frequently asked questions

You’ve come to the right place! 

First, we’ll chat by email to get an idea of what make and model of mask you have, and the general ideas you have for your design. I may ask you to sketch something up – it doesn’t have to be a good drawing, but it often helps me to get a clear picture of the scale of the elements you want to see on your mask. 

From there, I will work to produce a more detailed sketch, and you’ll provide feedback on things you want to add, remove, or change. If you’re happy with the design, you ship your mask to me, along with 50% of the cost of the paint job. I send you photos as I work, and once it’s ready, I send you pictures for your final approval – this is your last chance to make changes before the protective clear coat is applied. 

After you approve the final design, it gets clear coated, and once it’s dried, you would pay the remainder of the fee, and the mask is swiftly and securely shipped back to you, ready to rock for your next ice time.

That’s okay, I’m not asking you for a professional-looking drawing. The sketches I get are more “back of a napkin” than they are “hang it on the wall”. You can scribble, write, circle things, draw stick people – whatever gets the basics of your idea across. From there, it’s up to me to make it into something worthy of your mask.

I am currently estimating six to eight weeks to complete any new projects. That does not include the time spent creating your design with you, or shipping the mask back and forth.

Any mask can be painted! One thing to note, however, is that painting your mask will likely void any warranties you have.

Also, if your mask has previously been painted, please note that additional fees may apply, depending on the condition of the mask. If that paint job is covering major damage, I will let you know before I continue with the paint job.

This is a hard question to answer without any details. How complex is your design? How quickly do you need it back? Has your mask been previously painted? This isn’t like buying the mask itself – this is a collaboration between yourself and the artist, and there is not a set price.

That being said, if you’re comfortable in the range of $600-1000USD, please reach out and we can start to talk about your design. As I am newer to the world of goalie mask painting, my prices are currently very competitive compared to more well-established artists. As I build a name for myself, and demand increases, prices will rise accordingly.

If this seems high to you, remember how much work is going in to making this mask the best it can be. I spend dozens of hours in the painting process, which only comes after hours perfecting your design with you.

If you are looking for a less expensive option, I recommend looking in to decal kits and vinyl wraps; but fully customized wraps can still run in the hundreds of dollars.

In short, no. The designs I work with are originals, so I wouldn’t want to just copy someone else’s artwork. If you have a favourite goalie, we can work on a design that pays tribute to them – but will be a one of a kind, just for you.

There is no way to answer that for you, as it’s going to depend on your budget, the fit, the styles you like, availability, and more. So, how do you know which mask to get?

You can google “goalie mask impact testing” to see the results from the NHL/NHLPA’s testing of several brands and models.

You can ask around to see what other goalies you know are using.

You can try on masks at your local retailer to see what fits your head, and your budget.

Using the straps that many masks come with, the majority of your back plate will be covered, and you won’t see much of the design. If you want to open it up for paint, you can either look for a mask that features a strapless back (like some models from Coveted and Sportmask, for example, but they aren’t the only ones), or you can buy replacement after-market “hidden” straps for $20-50. Be aware, these replacement straps may effect the fit and safety of your mask, so you have to balance that with the desire to show off that back plate art.

You bet! If you have a motorcycle helmet, player helmet, bike helmet, hard hat, or anything else, drop me a line, and we can chat about the options available to you. My primary focus is on the goalie masks, but I’m happy to work with you on new and unusual project opportunities.

This one is really situationally dependant. Some leagues will consider any helmets (including goalie masks) to no longer be CSA or HESS approved if the  sticker is removed completely; some will consider it a violation of the rules to even move it. Other cases might not care about your mask, so long as it looks like it’s in good shape. If you want to play in a particular league, its best to check on their rules first.

On a back plate, I can paint around your stickers, move them to the inside of the shell, or remove them completely, but only at your direction and at your own risk. If you get dinged for having a non-regulation mask because of a sticker you asked me to remove, it’s on you.

Absolutely! While shipping costs can be high between Canada and the US, there are a few tips to keeping it reasonable:

  • Try a shipping service like ShipStation, which can reduce the costs of shipping with major couriers and postal services.
  • Mark your shipment as “sporting equipment return for repairs”. Canadian customs can ding you for extra import fees if they feel the item is being shipped as an exchange or purchase. We want to make it clear that this item is going out and coming back to you. I’m working with the import agency to make sure this is the best advice to appropriately avoid customs fees, and I’ll update this information as I get more details.
  • Limit the weight. If you’re comfortable removing the cage, straps and padding on your mask, you can save precious ounces and grams that can make your shipment a little bit cheaper. That being said, don’t skimp on the protection, and make sure you wad up some newspaper or something similar to keep your mask safe on it’s travels.
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