Not every goalie mask is the same, and if you’re looking for an intricate design,  you need to know where the vents and straps are, so that vital bits of detail don’t get covered up.

Click on the images to find a template for your mask model. We’re adding more as they’re requested.

Once you’ve found your template, feel free to use it to sketch up your designs. This isn’t an art contest, so don’t worry if your image isn’t an exact match to your vision. This is a starting point for us to talk about what we can do, what’s important to you, and what’s going to be the best possible mask for you.

When you’re ready to share your ideas and talk about next steps, drop us a line!


  • Is it original? There are some amazing designs out there, but those were done by artists for their clients. Much like a tattoo, getting something copied from someone else’s design isn’t seen as a compliment. Instead, take inspiration from what you’ve seen, and we can work with you to make it your own. This is your mask – make sure it’s something that is unique as you are!
  • Is it too busy? You might have a lot of interests, inspirations, and ideas for what you’d like on your mask – but not everything needs to be on there. Much like cooking, you need to know how to edit down to just the ingredients you need to make a tasty dish! A mask that features your favourite super hero eating your favourite food while fighting your favourite villain from a different franchise in front of a background from your favourite movie, all done in your favourite colour might sound cool, but it will be hard to make out all the details. Sometimes, the best mask designs are the simplest!

Just a reminder, your initial sketch doesn’t need to be a work of art! It’s just a starting place for the vision for your custom design. So feel free to break out the crayons, open up MSPaint, and do your best. We’ll take it from there!