All Steve, With A Little Ayres

Mega Dangle Mask

If you're a dangle fan, get all the dangle!

Not too long after my appearance on the Steve Dangle podcast, this goalie reached out to see if I could do not just a Dangle backplate, but an entire mask dedicated to Toronto’s biggest fan.

The mask is divided into two sides – let’s call them the Hatpicks side and the Dangit side. The Hatpicks side features Steve in net, playing with the Victory puppies, and appearances from the Easter Seals logo and the Conn Smythe trophy. The Dangits side has a copy of Steve’s book, a list of Leaf playoff disapointments, a portrait of David Ayres, and Steve’s infamous heart rate. The middle features Steve holding up the cage of the mask. Oh, and the backplate features what a Leafs Stanley Cup run would look like… wait, I can’t find a reference image for that. 404 Not Found.

One thing you might notice here is the concentration of portraits on this mask. Yes, this one took a lot longer than planned, due to my own tweaking on the faces, but this goalie was an incredibly patient customer, and I’m happy to see this mask back in his hands!

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