Vaughn Blue Rebel

CA/TO Pride

Showing love for Home and away

Drawing inspiration from his home state of California, a love of Canada (and Toronto in particular), the Rebel Alliance of Star Wars, and the blue colour from his Vaughn pads, Mick wanted something strong and simple. The rainbow gradient to the state outline and the trans flag colours in the maple leaf outline add a pop of vibrancy.

This mask got back to Mick in June, just in time for Pride Month. While Pride events in national sporting organizations have become polarizing topics, this month is a reminder that members of the LGBTQIA+ community are, first and foremost, people who deserve the same respect and care as every other person. There is no agenda – just people.

Hockey has not always been the most open and inviting place for women, people of colour, people with disabilities, those with financial hardships, or those whose sexual or gender identity might differ from their teammates. But hockey should be for everyone, period. It’s a game that does not belong to any one group, and one that can easily make room for anyone who wants to play.

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